Fresh Breath Centre, Scotland

Achieving a healthy mouth with fresh breath is an important goal for everyone. Bad breath (halitosis) is a common problem that can affect anyone of any age. Research shows over 50% of people have  halitosis chronically and 95% at some time or other. Not only is it socially embarrassing but it may also be a sign of underlying disease especially gum disease.

Bad breath is still one of those subjects that people just don’t want to mention –not even to close friends and family. Here at the Fresh Breath Centre, we can test, diagnose and treat halitosis. We are caring and sympathetic to the fact that you may be feeling embarrassed or anxious. We are here to provide a service to treat halitosis, allay your fears and give you confidence.

Bad breath is almost always caused initially by inadequate oral hygiene leading to an accumulation of excess bacteria which gives off the smelly gases. Persistent problems with bad breath are often associated with gum disease.

The Test

The BANA test is a simple, painless, chairside, 5 minute express test  which can be used to check for the presence of 3 particular bacteria which cause halitosis. These same 3 bacteria are also implicated in (gum) periodontal disease. If the test is positive this indicates that these bacteria are present. The dental surgeon can then use his clinical judgement to assess whether further investigation is required in order to check and diagnose and undertake any treatment needed.

Halitosis and indeed periodontal disease can be present for a long period before any visual symptoms appear or before a patient complains of a problem so this simple test can be an effective first check to help in oral hygiene.

The BANA test was researched and developed by Professor Walter Loesche in the USA

The Treatment

As halitosis is caused by an excess of oral bacteria, the primary treatment is a proper dental hygiene program. Our hygienic therapist will perform a thorough debridement of your teeth and gums (scale and polish) and give you advice on how to maintain a good standard of oral hygiene. In addition, where appropriate, we will perform photodynamic disinfection (FOTOSAN) in areas where we think may benefit.

The Costs

Consultation and advice: £48 including specific test for oral malodour ( bad breath), lifestyle questionnaire and advice and treatment plan.

Fresh breath treatment: £150 includes:

  • Teeth and gum cleaning with hygienic therapist
  • Advice on oral hygiene measures
  • Fotosan – a specific light activated disinfection system to remove the bacteria responsible for bad breath.
  • Fresh breath maintenance kit