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Facial Aesthetics in Edinburgh

Are fine lines, wrinkles, or sagging skin causing concern? At Essential Dental Care in Edinburgh, we're addressing the question of aging gracefully with our cutting-edge Facial Aesthetics treatments. Our skilled team blends artistry with advanced techniques to bring out your best features. Book your Facial Aesthetics consultation at Essential Dental Care and embark on a journey to timeless beauty.

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Who Can Benefit from Facial Aesthetics?

Facial Aesthetics treatments offer a wide range of benefits and are suitable for various individuals seeking non-surgical enhancements. The following groups can benefit from Facial Aesthetics:

  1. Individuals Concerned About Aging Signs: Those experiencing fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin can benefit from Facial Aesthetics to achieve a more youthful and refreshed appearance.
  2. People Looking for Non-Invasive Solutions: Facial Aesthetics provides non-surgical alternatives, making it appealing to individuals seeking cosmetic improvements without undergoing invasive procedures.
  3. Busy Professionals: With minimal downtime, Facial Aesthetics is ideal for busy professionals looking to enhance their appearance without a prolonged recovery period.
  4. Individuals Wanting Natural-Looking Results: Facial Aesthetics treatments are designed to enhance natural beauty subtly, providing results that appear refreshed and authentic.
  5. Patients with Specific Concerns: Whether addressing crow’s feet, frown lines, or volume loss, Facial Aesthetics can be tailored to target specific areas of concern, offering personalised solutions.
  6. Those Seeking Preventative Care: Facial Aesthetics can be used preventatively to slow down the aging process, making it suitable for individuals looking to maintain youthful skin over time.
  7. Boosting Confidence: Individuals seeking a confidence boost or looking to improve their overall self-image can benefit from the enhanced aesthetics provided by Facial Aesthetics.
  8. Patients Interested in Quick Results: Many Facial Aesthetics treatments offer relatively quick results, making them suitable for those seeking noticeable improvements without a lengthy waiting period.
  9. Men and Women Alike: Facial Aesthetics is not limited by gender, and both men and women can benefit from these treatments to address various aesthetic concerns.
  10. People with Dynamic Facial Expressions: Facial Aesthetics treatments are designed to work harmoniously with facial expressions, allowing individuals to maintain natural movement while enjoying cosmetic enhancements.
  11. Individuals Wanting a Personalised Approach: The versatility of Facial Aesthetics allows for a customised approach, ensuring that treatments align with each patient’s unique facial features and desired outcomes.
Facial Aesthetics in Edinburgh at Essential Dental Care

Our Facial Aesthetic Treatments

Our facial aesthetic treatments in Edinburgh offer a range of benefits, providing patients with a rejuvenated and more youthful appearance. This versatile treatment effectively addresses minor to moderate lines and wrinkles, particularly around the eyes, nose, and mouth.

When utilised for lip enhancement, it adds volume and definition, creating a sensual and naturally pronounced pout. Tailored to individual needs, the treatment ensures a natural look. Notably, it is a non-invasive procedure with minimal recovery time, allowing patients to resume normal activities immediately after.

While the effects are not permanent, the fillers naturally break down over time, offering flexibility and a personalised approach to cosmetic enhancement.

Candidates for Facial Aesthetics in Edinburgh at Essential Dental Care
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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the treatment involve?

Very small amounts of Botox are injected into the target areas using a tiny needle (insulin needle). This blocks the impulse from the nerve to the facial muscles, reducing the contractions that cause wrinkles.

Following the treatment the skin over the muscles looks smooth and even. The needle used is very fine and only a tiny amount of substance is used so pain is minimal. If you have a sensitive skin, we’ll use topical anaesthetic cream which numbs the area to be treated.

The treatment itself lasts approximately 15 minutes and you can go straight to work as there is no downtime involved.

When is the result noticeable?

The result isn’t immediate. You will start noticing a difference in approximately 4 to 5 days reaching a full effect in 2 weeks time.

How long does the result last?

The effects can last from three up to six months, depending on the organism of the individual. Clinical studies indicate that this treatment has a cumulative effect, so you should need fewer injections as time goes on.

Will there be any side effects?

Only tiny amounts of Botox are used, so this treatment is not harmful. The most common side effects are temporary and localised bruising, slight redness of the skin and occasionally slight swelling at the injection site.

Are facial aesthetic treatments in dental clinics safe?

Yes, facial aesthetic treatments performed by qualified dental professionals are generally safe. Our dentists have a thorough understanding of facial anatomy and are well-trained to administer these treatments with precision and care.

Can facial aesthetic treatments be combined with dental procedures?

Yes, dental clinics offering facial aesthetic treatments can often combine these procedures with dental treatments. For example, patients may choose to enhance their smile with cosmetic dentistry while addressing facial aesthetic concerns simultaneously.

What is the recovery time for facial aesthetic treatments in a dental clinic?

The recovery time for facial aesthetic treatments is typically minimal. Patients may experience some temporary swelling or bruising, but they can usually resume normal activities shortly after the procedure.

Can facial aesthetic treatments improve the appearance of sagging skin?

Some facial aesthetic treatments, such as dermal fillers, can help address mild sagging by restoring volume to the face. However, for significant sagging, surgical options may be more suitable.

Can facial aesthetic treatments improve the appearance of acne scars?

Some dermal fillers may be used to improve the appearance of certain types of acne scars by filling in depressed areas and creating a smoother skin texture.

Are there age restrictions for facial aesthetic treatments in dental clinics?

While there is no specific age restriction, the appropriateness of facial aesthetic treatments is determined on a case-by-case basis. Consultations with our dental professionals help assess your needs and expectations.

Can facial aesthetic treatments be reversed if desired?

In some cases, certain facial aesthetic treatments, particularly those involving hyaluronic acid fillers, can be partially or fully reversed with the use of specific reversal agents.

What is the role of a dental professional in facial aesthetic treatments?

Dental professionals offering facial aesthetic treatments have in-depth knowledge of facial anatomy, ensuring precise and safe administration of treatments. They consider overall facial harmony and balance when performing these procedures.

How much does it cost?

At Essential Dental Care, our Facial Aesthetics treatments are designed to be accessible and tailored to individual needs. The cost can vary based on the specific treatment plan. Our prices start from £255, ensuring affordability while maintaining the highest standards of care. We invite you to schedule a consultation to discuss your goals, assess the most suitable options, and receive a personalised quote.

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What Our Patients Are Saying

Based on 24 reviews
Herman Komashko
Herman Komashko
My fear of dentists is gone, thanks the team at Essential Dental Care. So caring, so considerate, so professional. I had a hygienist service and two fillings. I have never had such wonderful experience sitting in a dentist chair. I was recommend this place by a friend, and I am forever grateful. There is a group of us now, who all go here :) Thank you all and you sure have me as your regular customer for years to come.
Dorcas Shepherd
Dorcas Shepherd
My husband and I would not go anywhere else, Dr Paul is the most experienced dentist that we have had and explains everything to you. My husband is in the middle of getting implants and he was a bit apprehensive at first but Paul was very patient and explained everything that is going happen and reassured him. It is a long process but will be worth the wait. Also the staff could not be more helpful and very friendly too. Would recommend this practice to anyone.💓
Belinda Neilson
Belinda Neilson
Great dentist
Jerry Chan
Jerry Chan
由於家母牙齒出問題,規勸良久才肯就醫,幾經波折,在愛丁堡找到這家可以全程以廣東話溝通的牙科診所,診所職員 Carman了解後,認為情況緊急,特意安排了快期,隔天便能就診。牙醫 Paul 診症細心,並教導了日常的護理方法及開药,回家後一兩天病情已告好轉,值得推薦。
Michelle Leung (Micmic)
Michelle Leung (Micmic)
Paul is kind and patient to explain the treatment.
Eric Mackay
Eric Mackay
First thing to say is that Paul does very high quality work. He pays attention to detail, spots trouble before it happens, and is very quick to find an appointment time if you do have pain, and sorts it out effectively every time. Secondly, he is very gentle; he’ll tell you when he’s about to numb you up, but to be honest, that’s about the last you’re aware of it. He checks with you that you’re ok, and is careful to make sure your mouth isn’t open wide any longer than it needs to be. Thirdly, he and Michelle run a very effective and friendly practice; they made every effort to keep open as much as possible during lockdown whilst giving every confidence that they were doing all they could to keep their patients safe. And they still do. I can’t commend them highly enough nor thank them warmly enough for all their care and attention.
Steve Kington
Steve Kington
Cannot fault the team at Essential dental. They are always seem to run on time and put me at ease throughout. Dr Au just gets on with it. Would recommend to anyone.
Jamie Smith
Jamie Smith
I have had an extremely positive experience at Essential Dental Care. While a bit pricey (as with any private dentist), Dr Paul has always been very patient and happy to answer any questions I've had about my treatment. I also have to say that this is the first dental practice I asked about a partial denture who did not immediately try to upsell me to a dental implant. While I do need to eventually get the implant, it can be very costly and Dr Paul understood that I really just needed a cosmetic solution in the interim. Highly recommended.
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