Dental Care Plan

Individual & Family

We all know the value of strong healthy teeth.  Modern dentistry can help you and your dentist maintain your oral health for the future. Lothian Independent Dental Practitioners (LIDP) helps to give you access to affordable quality professional care.

LIDP is an established concept in dental care which is managed LOCALLY by DENTISTS. This serves to keep administration costs to a minimum and ensures impressive value.

Essential Dental Care is a member of LIDP which offer care plans for our patients. By paying a reasonable monthly fee, you are covered for your dental needs and in addition provide you with insurance coverage for dental emergencies anywhere in the world.

Full Care Plan  from £16.58 per month

UNLIMITED number of

  • examinations
  • hygienist sessions
  • regular fillings and extractions
  • regular procedures on the treatment list except root canal procedures
  • excludes: cosmetic , implant and orthodontic (braces) treatments
  • Options to include root canal treatments

Maintenance Plan from £14.88 per month

Each calender year, you will receive:

  • 2x examinations
  • appropriate number of  sessions with the hygienist
  • any small diagnostic xrays and tests
  • 10% off regular treatment procedures
  • 5% off regular retail products

Essential Plan £10.00 per month

  • Annual examination with diagnositic xrays
  • Annual visit with the hygienist
  • 10% off  regular private treatment fees
  • 5% off regular retail products

For procedures that involve laboratory work such as crowns,bridges, bite splints: material and lab fees are payable.

Please ask us for full details. or click on LIDP website