Dental Care Plan

Individual & Family

We all know the value of strong healthy teeth.  Modern dentistry can help you and your dentist maintain your oral health for the future. Lothian Independent Dental Practitioners (LIDP) helps to give you access to affordable quality professional care.

LIDP is an established concept in dental care which is managed LOCALLY by DENTISTS. This serves to keep administration costs to a minimum and ensures impressive value.

Essential Dental Care is a member of LIDP which offer care plans for our patients. By paying a reasonable monthly fee, you are covered for your dental needs and in addition provide you with insurance coverage for dental emergencies anywhere in the world.

 Maintenance Plan

From £14.88

per month, will include

Six monthly dental exam
Oral health check
Six monthly scaling and
polishing with hygienist
All x-rays and emergency consultations
Dental Emergency Assistance Scheme
10% off any further treatment

Full Care Plan

From £16.58 dependent on your existing dental history

monthly premium will include

Six monthly dental exam
Oral health check
Six monthly scaling and polishing
All x-rays
Emergency pain relief
Any necessary treatment for dental health *
Dental Emergency Assistance Scheme

* For procedures that involve laboratory
work such as crowns,bridges, bite splints:
material and lab fees are payable.

Dental Emergency Assistance Scheme

The Accident Cover protects our patients against the cost of any trauma to their teeth
The Emergency Cover provides our members with weekend and evening emergency treatment 365 days a year, at home and abroad.
This is included with the cost of your dental plan.

Please ask us for full details. or click on LIDP website

Fee Per Item

For patients who do not wish to join a monthly plan. You will be charged for any treatment you have at each visit. Details of the fees can be found on the Fees Page.