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Cosmetic dentistry can transform the way you feel about your smile. Once you have a great smile, you’ll want to show it off, which will enhance your self-confidence. Cosmetic dentistry isn’t a vain extravagance, so don’t underestimate the value it can bring to your life.


Modern Dentures

All-Ceramic Crowns

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Cosmetic Veneers / Smile makeovers

Veneers  are wafer-thin, custom-made shells of tooth-colored materials designed to cover the front surface of teeth to improve your appearance. These shells are bonded to the front of the teeth changing their color, shape, size, or length.

Dental veneers can be made from porcelain or from resin composite materials. Porcelain veneers resist stains better than resin veneers and better mimic the light reflecting properties of natural teeth.

Cost from £550 per tooth

SMILEFAST smile makeovers

New technology are now enabling us to give you a smile makeover in about an hour. 

cost from £2000 

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening can be a very effective way of lightening the natural colour of your teeth without removing any of the tooth surface. 

Cost from £ 280

Modern Dentures

Valplast®  Cost from £650

This could be the solution for you to replace one or more teeth. Unlike more traditional  bulky and unstable dentures, Valplast partial dentures are made from a flexible material which fits neatly into your mouth and is virtually invisible. They do NOT require any unsightly metal clasps to keep them in place.

Ultaire® AKP   Cost from £800

A premium alternative to metal partial dentures:


• Comfortable, biocompatible

• Lightweight – 60% lighter than metal

• Aesthetically pleasing with no metal clasps

• Non-corrosive, non-toxic and non-irritating

• No metallic taste

All-Ceramic Crowns and Bridges

 If you have an extensively worn or damaged tooth, a natural-looking crown can protect your tooth and restore to its original appearance.
All-ceramic restorations do not have a metal core.
Types of all-ceramic crowns and bridges:
EMAX – tends to be used for front teeth because of its unmatched translucency and aesthetics
ZIRCONIUM-  has exquisite mechanical properties, often  used for back teeth
Cost from £550

Bonding and Cosmetic Contouring

Bonding and cosmetic contouring: If you have a chipped or cracked tooth, we can repair and reshape with  tooth-colored resin.

Cost from £99 per tooth

Cosmetic Braces

Cosmetic braces such as Invisalign and Cfast : If you want straighter teeth and a beautfiul smile, these systems can provide  similar benefits as conventional metal braces, but they are of a much more discreet option.

Cost from £1500

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