Dent Spa Case for Denture/Retainer




How to keep your dentures clean using our ‘Dent-Spa’ denture cleaner:
1. Insert the 2 ‘AAA’ batteries (not included) in to the battery
compartment located underneath the Dent-Spa
2. Lightly brush your denture under running cold water
3. Place your denture in to the Dent-Spa cleaning bath and fill
with luke warm water to just below the lip of the unit. (Never
use boiling water)
4. Add 1 Nitradine tablet and press the on/off switch to start the
cleaning process. The Dent-Spa has a timer and will automatically switch off after 7 minutes.
5. Leave your denture in the cleaning spa for at least 15 minutes
when using the Nitradine tablets to ensure thorough cleaning,
then remove your denture and rinse under running water before
placing them back in your mouth
6. Empty the Dent-Spa unit and wash out with running water, do
not immerse as this may damage the unit.
For best results use the Nitradine tablets at least twice a week to keep
your denture or orthodontic appliance fresh, clean and disinfected
against harmful bacteria.
Do not submerge your unit in water as this will damage the unit.

Most removable dentures are made from porous materials in which
opportunistic and pathogenic micro organisms (funghi, bacteria and
viruses) infiltrate, attach and form bio-film, a 3-dimensional protective matrix in which they build up. Especially, candida albicans
penetrates deeply the pores and cracks of the dental appliance. But
also other pathological micro-organisms such as pseudomanas
aeruginosa, St mutans, St aureus (inc MRSA) and herpes simplex
can attach and colonise the appliance which leads to painful irritation of the mouth (dental stomatitis).
Elderly, diabetic and cancer therapy patients wearing contaminated
appliances can develop serious systemic infection of the upper airways. For example oropharyngeal cadidiasis is observed in 75% of
denture wearing patients in nursing homes. Also the lungs, heart and
kidneys can become infected which in some cases may lead to organ
Clinical trials have shown that Nitride Tablets result in a 99.995%
bio-film reduction (Bacteria)
Nitradine Denture Cleaning Tablet Ingredients (Pat Pending)
Citric Acid, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Lactose Monohydrate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Chloride, Potassium Hydrogen Monopersulfate, Peppermint
flavour, PVP