Straighten your teeth with Invisalign treatment in Edinburgh?

    What Is Invisalign?

    Simply speaking – it is an aesthetic alternative to fixed braces.

    Invisalign allows you to straighten your teeth without using brackets or wires. Removable Clear Braces (aligners) are used to straighten your teeth quickly and safely. Aligners are changed every one to two weeks, moving your teeth in stages until your teeth are in the desired position. The discreet and comfortable system means you have little or no disruption to your daily life. Invisalign’s fully customised nearly invisible aligners are made specifically for you.

    This is often a favourable option for people who don’t feel comfortable wearing unsightly ‘train track’ braces for months on end.

    Benefits of this type of treatment include having teeth straightened in a generally shortened period of time, straighter teeth and alignment of your top and bottom jaws. You can also enjoy the flexibility of your braces being hidden from an untrained eye, making you feel less self-conscious when socialising or speaking in public. With removable devices you can also take them out to eat or for special occasions, so they fit around your lifestyle.

    How long does it take?

    Treatment length will depend on your personal circumstances and the complexity of your treatment. We will be able to give you a better idea of timing at your initial appointment. The majority of Invisalign treatments take between 6-12 months.

    What Is Invisalign?

    Stage 1

    Invisalign Consultation – Dental Health Check, Impressions and Clinical Photos.

    Invisalign treatment starts with a consultation visit where our dentist will assess your oral health, making sure that your teeth and gums are healthy enough for orthodontic treatment and let you know if any general care is needed (e.g. fillings). You will be able to find out if an Invisalign treatment is suitable for you and ask any questions you may have. We’ll also go through the cost of your treatment and our payment options
    An impression of your teeth will be taken along with photographs of your smile.

    Stage 2

    ClincheckTM video (two weeks later) – appointment to review your digital treatment visualisation.

    Invisalign® are the only company that produces a computer image of your smile as it progresses through treatment before you even get your first aligner! You can view your Clincheck” video at the practice and if you are happy your aligners will be put into production.

    Stage 3

    Fitting of aligners (two weeks later)

    Once your aligners are ready, you will be fitted with your first set, ensuring you are happy with all the instructions about when to wear and how to maintain them. It might be necessary to fit small tooth-coloured buttons to your teeth. These are called Invisalign attachments to help your aligners move them in a particular direction.
    You will need to wear each pair of aligners for a 1 to 2 week period before moving on to the next aligners in the sequence. It is important to wear them during the day and night and for between 22- 24 hours each day to ensure the best results

    Stage 4


    As you wear the aligners over the weeks and months, your teeth will move gradually towards the desired final position. You will need to visit your Dentist every 6 weeks so that they can check the progress of the treatment and provide you with new set of aligners. Usually this is a quick routine appointment to make sure everything is moving as planned. Occasionally we may need to make small adjustments to your teeth or Invisalign braces.

    Stage 5


    Once your treatment is complete you will be given fixed and / or removable retainers. It is recommended that you wear a retainer after any tooth straightening treatment has finished. This is because teeth can gradually revert to their original position over time.

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