Essential Dental Care

It is our 13th birthday today! We want to thank you for your continued support and loyalty. It has been very challenging in the last 18 months to keep everybody safe and providing care as best as we can. We will strive to continue to do our best in the coming year.


There remains no changes with how we operate to provide you with care. If you follow the guidelines on face coverings,hand hygiene and social distancing, it remains perfectly safe to receive your dental care at EDC.

We want to thank you for your incredible support, patience and understanding over these past few months since reopening.  Below is a list of new protocols that we are adapting to ensure the safety of both our patients and staff

1/ If you would like an appointment, please send us a text to 07952695010 or an email to We will be in touch to arrange an appropriate time for you.

There is a tremendous amount of workload for the reception team to prepare ahead of your attendance. As such, please be patient if you want to call our office number.  

2/ Due to covid restrictions and social distancing rules, we need to operate at reduced capacity. This is because we have to allow an additional ‘Fallow Time’ between each patient. This allows us the putting on and taking off of the extra PPE and to scrupulously decontaminate the surgery.

What it means is that there is reduced availability of routine appointment times at short notice.  We will however try our utmost to accomodate if you have a dental problem. 

3/Payment of anticipated treatment fees BEFORE attending for your appointment.

This is to minimise your contact time with our reception team and therefore further reduce the risks. In addition, this helps us to plan your appointment more efficiently.

We understand this is a relatively new concept but hope you will understand the benefits. 

You may do the prepayment either over the phone using your credit/debit card or via bank transfer.

Hygiene appointments

In order to further reduce the risks, it is important to create a clinical bubble and reducing the number of contacts you encounter during your dental visit. We have made the decision that only one operator should perform all your treatments in as little number of visits as possible. This means that your regular hygiene treatments including GBT will now be incorporated with your examination or treatment sessions performed only by your dentist.

Pre-Arrival Check List

We aim to reduce your time spent in the practice so there will be a number of things we ask you to read, acknowledge and perform before you arrive:

Updating your medical History and current medication

Consent Form for treatment during Covid-19

Pre-Payment via Telephone / bank transfer

Limited toilet facilities

Travel light and without friends & family where possible

perform temperature check before arrival to ensure within normal range

use disinfecting hand rub when instructed

wear face covering

Enhanced PPE for our staff

You will notice that all our staff are wearing additional PPE especially the clinical team when performing aerosol generating procedure (anything that uses a drill and/or creates a spray of air and water). In addition after such a procedure, the room needs to remain unused for a period of time. I hope you will understand that this greatly impacts our efficiency and increases our overheads. We have however decided to absorb these costs for the time being.

Booking your next appointment

We will ask that you do not return to reception after your appointment, all further appointments can be made via telephone and email at a later date. Any fee adjustments on your account can be dealt with over the phone the following day.

Safety Measures

We have invested a lot of time and effort into ensuring we have the utmost safety measures in place. These include:

Air purifying equipment

Air disinfection unit

Enhanced PPE for both clinical and non-clinical staff

Full decontamination of surgery and patient contact areas

Social distancing in waiting room

Hand disinfection stations

One patient at a time in the practice receiving treatment from only one set of dentist/nurse team


We know our appearance may seem a little impersonal and scary, for this we apologise but we assure you, it’s still us under there!

We would love to be able to chat with you more but at this unprecedented times, forgive us for not being able to socialise much.

Please do not hesitate to drop us a message via email or text. Thank you once again for your kindness and understanding.

Thank you

Paul & Essential Dental Care team